Title I Program

The Title I program is the nation’s largest federal program for schools. It provides funding to increase student achievement in schools that are selected on the basis of the economic level of families in a school’s district. Title I programs have played a key role in raising student achievement levels throughout the nation.

2014-2015 Pine Point School Wide Plan

2014-2015 Continuous Improvement

Parent involvement is a key component of the Title I program. Parents are notified when their child is eligible for Title I services, and the schools plan a variety of parent activities and newsletters to promote parent involvement and enhance communication.

2014-2015 Title I Parent Involvement Plan

For more information about the Title I program at Pine Point, contact Holly Nelson, Title I coordinator.

Third Grade Literacy Plan

Click here to view the Pine Point 3rd Grade Literacy Plan.

Special Education

Total Special Education System (TSES) Plan

Special Education System Advisory Council Minutes - October 2018

2019-2020 Pine Point Hence Chart

World's Best Workforce

World's Best Workforce 2014-2015